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Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development Spokesperson (Paris - July 25, 2016)

Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development Spokesperson (Paris - July 25, 2016)

Published on March 16, 2015
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Promotion of tourism – Jean-Marc Ayrault travels to Centre-Val de Loire region (July 26, 2016)

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Jean-Marc Ayrault will travel to the Centre-Val de Loire region on July 26 to promote tourism. He will meet with travel professionals at several iconic Loire Valley châteaux to discuss France’s appeal to tourists.

This trip reflects national and local government efforts to promote French tourism, in all its diversity. The security of tourists will also be discussed.

Mr. Ayrault will visit Montlouis-sur-Loire to unveil the ministry’s strategies to promote diverse types of tourism (ecotourism, cycling trips, river trips, wine tourism). He will then visit Chaumont-sur-Loire, an estate in the area, to showcase cultural tourism. After that, he will go to the Château de Chambord where the focus will be on investments in the tourism sector, along with improving hospitality and security.


Tourism / Economy – Matthias Fekl visiting Economic Stability Unit in Nice (July 25, 2016)

Matthias Fekl, minister of state for foreign trade, the promotion of tourism, and French nationals abroad, is attending a meeting of the Economic Stability Unit (CCE) in Nice today. He traveled to that city with Emmanuel Macron, minister of the economy, industry and the digital sector, and Martine Pinville, minister of state for commerce, small-scale industry, consumer affairs, and the social and solidarity economy. They will be meeting with elected officials and private sector representatives and will visit government offices and entities in the region.

During their visit, they will review the status of the economic sectors affected by the Nice attack and will activate emergency measures to provide support for those affected, particularly in the tourism industry.


Vietnam – Matthias Fekl attending the High-Level Economic Dialogue between Vietnam and France (Paris - July 25, 2016)

This afternoon, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism, and French Nationals Abroad Matthias Fekl will co-chair the fourth session of the High-Level Economic Dialogue between Vietnam and France with Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen The Phuong

In advance of the Vietnamese President’s visit in early September, this meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the implementation of major French-Vietnamese industrial projects and new prospects for French companies in Vietnam, particularly in the areas of transportation, health and aerospace. Also on the agenda: examining opportunities for cooperation on climate change and adaptation as well as agrifoods. Trade between France and Vietnam rose significantly in 2015 (43%), reaching 5.5 billion euros.


Syria / Bombing of Aleppo hospitals (July 23-24) – Jean-Marc Ayrault’s statement

I was shocked to learn that in the past 24 hours, medical facilities were hit yet again during air raids on Aleppo.

Such actions clearly contradict resolution 2286, in which—last May—the UN Security Council condemned violence against the sick, medical personnel and humanitarian personnel in armed conflicts.

In Syria, it is more urgent than ever for the regime and its supporters to end their attacks on civilians, to restore the cessation of hostilities, to ensure that all those in need of humanitarian aid have access to it, and to resume negotiations on a political transition.


European Union – Harlem Désir attending meeting of European ministers (Bratislava - July 24-25, 2016)

Minister of State for European Affairs Harlem Désir is representing France at the informal General Affairs Council meeting in Bratislava on July 24-25.

The first meeting of European affairs ministers hosted by the Slovak presidency, it carries forward the EU’s strategic agenda.

Mr. Désir will note that new momentum is needed to tackle the multiples crises that are putting the European project to the test. In this context, France’s three priorities are security and defense; growth, investment and jobs; and young people.


Syria – Security Council meeting on the situation in Syria (July 25, 2016)

Today the UN Security Council will examine the humanitarian situation in Syria in light of the tragic siege of Aleppo.

Hundreds of thousands of people in that city are being bombed on a daily basis by the regime and its allies. France will stress how essential it is to end these operations, which are a gross violation of international humanitarian law and the cessation of hostilities agreement. The targeting of medical facilities by the regime and its allies is appalling.

Given the above, France will reiterate the urgency:

  • of implementing the cessation of hostilities agreement
  • of providing civilians with continuous and unhampered access to humanitarian aid
  • and of resuming negotiations on a political transition.


Saudi Arabia – Executions (July 25, 2016)

France denounces the execution of two individuals who had been condemned to death in Saudi Arabia.

France opposes the death penalty everywhere and in all circumstances.


Iraq – Attacks in Baghdad and the Baghdad area (July 24-25, 2016)

France condemns in the strongest possible terms the attacks on Baghdad and the Baghdad area on Sunday and Monday.

It offers its condolences to the victims’ families and expresses its solidarity with the Iraqi people.

A member of the international coalition opposing Daesh, France reaffirms its determination to support the Iraqi authorities in their efforts to combat terrorism and strive for national reconciliation.



Do you have any comment on information out of Turkey about the order to arrest some 42 journalists in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt?

As we said on July 18, along with our European partners at the Foreign Affairs Council, we repeat that the measures being taken by the Turkish authorities in the aftermath of the coup attempt must not undermine the rule of law and the exercise of fundamental liberties, particularly the freedom of the press.

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